BTSYM Teaching Pack

As part of the drive to raise awareness of tunnelling, the BTSYM Schools and Universities group has created a Teaching Pack that can be used as a stand-alone resource in secondary schools for students aged between 14 and 16. The pack consists of five lessons, covering an introduction to tunnelling, design considerations, tunnelling techniques, geology and ground conditions, and a class project drawing everything together. The pack was trialled during two terms and received positive feedback.

"The presentations were thoroughly thought out and contained extensive notes for the classroom teacher to ensure they were able to deliver the content, while not being a specialist themselves. It was so wonderful to see the students excited to interact with the content of the course. As a geography teacher, it was also great to see how many links can be made between the GCSE curriculum and BTSYM course." Sarah Martin, Oasis Academy, South Bank

The pack (currently still in draft form) is available for download, free of charge in the Education & Training section of this website. Please address any queries to the BTSYM.