The Harding Prize, Winners

The Harding Prize is named after the founding Chairman of the Society, Sir Harold Harding. The prize is awarded to the winner of an annual competition, which is open to all aged 33 or under. Entrants must submit an original paper relating to any aspect of tunnelling which they consider of interest to those in the tunnelling industry. Below are the previous winners, the titles of their papers and, where available, the winning paper.

A list of all those papers that we have available, including runners-up, are in the Knowledge section.

Additional Harding competition papers can be found under the Events section.

2019, Eugene Wong

Deformation of framed structures due to tunnelling – a rational and practical assessment approach


2018, Leah Jacobs

Changing the safety culture - my contribution to a large infrastructure project making a significant difference


2017, Omar Mohammed

Deep Pile Foundation Interceptions in Tunnelling at Bank Station


2016, Howard Sayers

The Use of a Fully Integrated Temporary and Permanent Works Design to Construct an Underpass in Close Proximity to a Live Operational Underground Railway

2015, Ryan McCarron

The challenges of mining an escalator barrel within an operational station

2014, Edward Batty

Crossrail Western Tunnels: TBM Breakthrough at Bond Street Station

2013, David Clayton

TBM crossing at the Lee Tunnel connection shaft

2011, Robert Milner

Settlement due to Tunnelling on the West Ham Flood Alleviation Scheme

2009, Michele Mangione

Segmental Opening Sets at King's Cross, St Pancras

2007, Ian Whitehead

Datchet Tunnel Repairs

2005, Damian McGirr

Settlement mitigation on Channel Tunnel Rail Link Contract 250

2003, Philip Lea

Precast segmental lining joint tests on Arrowhead tunnel project in southern California

2001, Alun Thomas

Numerical modelling of sprayed concrete tunnel linings

1999 Simon Morgan

Prevaulting Success at Ramsgate Harbour

1994, Neil Moss

Development of computer software to assist with the design of tunnels and shafts in soft ground

1993, D A Louis

The construction of Hanging Lake tunnels, Colorado

1991, John Corcoran

Construction of the new escalator shaft and tunnels at the Angel Station, London

1989, C P M Snee

Grouting to control compressed air lost beneath London's Docklands

1987, N Gray

Remedial works on Piccadilly line's cast iron rings at Heathrow

1986, Janine Pound

Comparison of Predicted and Observed Displacements around a Large Underground Excavation

1985, D C Arnold

Ground treatment for the Three Valleys Tunnel

1983, J P Crockett

Grouting the coal measure sandstones at no2 shaft North Selby

1981, G T Masterton

Concrete lining of the Kielder water tunnels

Additional Harding competition papers can be found under the Events section.