Think Deep UK – Promoting the value of underground space

Think Deep UK is a group of built environment experts committed to creating resilient, sustainable and liveable cities through smart use of underground space. As cities grow up and out, we are applying our skills to thinking about how urban environments could be better managed through the spaces beneath them. From flood storage to urban transport, retail spaces to public places, we are thinking deep about the urban future of the UK and asking others to do the same. Our Mission is:

Think Deep UK visit the Crossrail Farringdon Station during construction

Think Deep UK visit one of the LU 'ghost' stations

                                    • To promote an awareness of the value of underground assets and to create a policy framework that can enable their fair use
                                    • To inform and guide the general public, decision-makers and professionals how the use of urban underground space can create better cities with socio-economic benefits for society
                                    • To encourage thinking deeply when making decisions and planning for the future of our cities

Think Deep UK is endorsed by the British Tunnelling Society, ITA Committee on Underground Space (ITACUS) and International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP).

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