TDUK Launch Video and Update

Following on from its official launch on 7th February 2017, TDUK has made available a video, together with an update as set out below.

The video, which covers the launch evening, the interviews and the intent for the group going forward, can be viewed at https://vimeo.com206363371

The launch evening was a great success with excellent attendance and engaging output. Workshops have been planned for a white paper and a poll was held to establish the top five subjects. The results were as follows:

1) Future infrastructure
2) Three-dimensional spatial planning strategy
3) Safeguarding
4) Abandoned underground spaces / reuse
5) Underground resources & resilience.

These will be developed into more detailed themes and the first workshop is scheduled for early summer. Further updates will be available on the TDUK website and TDUK will be contacting people prior to the event for input and attendance.

Those wishing to be involved can email for joining workshops, the committee or general interest in the mailing campaigns.

TDUK is grateful to its sponsors and all the support it received from its endorsement groups.