PHEW Tunnels Sub Committee

Progress – March 2016

Peter Harris, convenor for the PHEW Tunnels sub committee reports the following progress since 18 November 2015:

  • He has been providing ongoing support to the Queensbury Tunnel group.
  • An Inspection of Burdale Tunnel (East Yorkshire) has been undertaken, including a meeting with the local bat group and East Yorkshire heritage group. It should be noted that the view is that it has no significant Historical engineering value other than the Resident Engineer was Charles Dicken's younger brother Alfred.
  • Meetings have been had with the Friends of Bennerley Viaduct (HEW) and Sustrans. Peter will attend further meetings on behalf of Barry Barton and is to help to arrange a talk by Dave Gent of Atkins who is a wrought iron specialist.
  • Inspection and report on Moseley Tunnel (Birmingham) has been undertaken and a report has been written up for inclusion as an HEW. Peter is awaiting confirmation of this tunnel as an HEW.