Harding Prize presentations

The Harding Prize, which is named after the founding Chairman of the Society, Sir Harold Harding, is awarded annually or biannually to the winner of a competition to prepare and present a paper of interest to the tunnelling industry. The competition is open to all under the age of 33. The past winners are:

2019, Eugene Wong

BTS Chairman Ivor Thomas and the 2019 Harding Prize winner Eugene Wong

2018, Leah Jacobs

BTS Chairman Mark Leggett presents the 2018 prize to Leah Jacobs

2017, Omar Mohammed

BTS Chairman, Mark Leggett (left) presents the 2017 prize to Omar Mohammed.

2016, Howard Sayers

BTS Chairman, Roger Bridge (left) presents the 2016 prize to Howard Sayers.

2015, Ryan McCarron

2014, Edward Batty

BTS Chairman, Damian McGirr (left) presents the 2014 prize to Edward Batty

2013, David Clayton

BTS Chairman, Damian McGirr (left) presenting the 2013 prize to David Clayton

2011, Robert Milner

BTS Chairman, Robert Ibell (left) presents the 2011 prize to Robert Milner.

2009, Michele Mangione

BTS Chairman, Robert Ibell (left) presents the 2009 prize to Michele Mangione.