Future Evening Meetings

The BTS holds monthly evening meetings from September to June, generally on the third Thursday of the month. Unless otherwise stated, the meetings are at the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) with the lecture starting at 6pm. Additional meetings are arranged by the BTS Young Members, by regional groups and as joint meetings with other societies. Click on the calendar icon to place this meeting in your Outlook calendar and click on the download button for a copy of the flyer.


BTSYM February Meeting: Tunnel Maintenance, Repair & Improvement

Tunnels remain the most resilient, sustainable and cost effective civil engineering construction ever devised - as long as they are maintained well. With a substantial number of tunnels within UK reaching the limits of their use, the demand for pragmatic solutions for maintaining, repairing and improving existing tun-nel assets has therefore increased. Drawing in David’s 30+ years of experience, the lecture will provide an overview of various issues that existing tunnels face and explore the solutions that have previously been utilised for repairing, as well as improving, them.


David Hindle (Retired; ex-Chairman, OTB Engineering)

BTS March Meeting: Experimental investigations into the spalling of high strength concrete and the fire performance of tunnel linings

Tom Lennon, Principal Consultant at BRE Global, will give an overview of research into spalling of concrete structures and methods for assessing the fire performance of tunnel linings.


Tom Lennon, Principal Consultant at BRE Global

BTSYM April Meeting: Tunnel Ventilation

Ventilation systems play a critical role in ensuring operability and fire-safety of tunnels. It is therefore integral to understand reasons for tunnel ventilation, key factors governing ventilation design, and available equipment. Mark’s textbook talk on Tunnel Ventilation will provide an insight into fire and smoke control basics and analysis methods for Rail vs Road Tunnels. The talk will also provide an overview of different ventilation system types and approaches, as well as systems and equipment available for utilisation within underground space.


Mark Gilbey, Technical Director, WSP

BTS April Meeting: Harding memorial Lecture


Keith Bowers

BTS May Meeting: AGM


BTSYM June Meeting


BTS June Meeting


BTSYM September Meeting


BTS September Meeting: Concrete quality and durability - cracking


Harald Schmitt, Carola Edvardsen

NB: Tuesday 6th October at the QEII Conference Centre in Westminster.


BTSYM November Meeting: AGM


BTS November Meeting


BTS December Meeting