Future Evening Meetings

The BTS holds monthly evening meetings from September to June, generally on the third Thursday of the month. Unless otherwise stated, the meetings are at the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) with the lecture starting at 6pm. Additional meetings are arranged by the BTS Young Members, by regional groups and as joint meetings with other societies. Click on the calendar to place this meeting in your Outlook calendar; click on the download button for a copy of the flyer; and click on the film icon to view the meeting live.


BTSYM: How to Design and Construct an Immersed Tunnel to be Watertight

Immersed tunnelling has been around for a long time and is a perfect example of how Rubber, Steel and Concrete complement each other. Rubber is a unique material with unique properties perfectly suited for creating watertight joints over a long period of time. This presentation is about how to design a rubber product that can solve the most demanding technical challenges - what to consider and what to know before a solution is made and practically applied. The talk will cover the history of immersed tunnelling and address the specific challenges rubber has in the field of sealing, both in the short and long terms. As an example Joel will go through the process of designing, testing and applying seals for an immersed tunnel.


Joel van Stee, Trelleborg

Harding Memorial Lecture: Collaboration, Communication and Competence in the Tunnelling Industry

The lecture will look back over the speaker’s 50 years in the construction industry when he was principally engaged in tunnelling and consider whether we have achieved improvement in the key areas of Collaboration, Communication and Competence. How we might recognise improvement and the contribution made by these areas to the health of the tunnelling industry will be identified. Then how we might utilise what we have learnt to shape our industry going forward, the good omens and the not so good omens.


Bob Ibell, London Bridge Associates

BTSYM September 2018 Meeting


BTS September 2018 Meeting


NB: Tuesday 9th October at the QEII Conference Centre in Westminster. Title: Brenner Base Tunnel

This month only, the BTS Evening Meeting has been moved to Tuesday and will be held at the QEII, following on from the BTS Conference.


BTSYM November 2018 Meeting


Cadent Gas Chelsea to Battersea Pipeline Tunnel Project


Andrew Hejdner, Project Manager, Cadent Gas (National Grid); Nicholas McCrossan, Site Manager, tRiio; Veriuska Ortiz Lovera, Geotechnical Engineer, Mott MacDonald

Crossrail - Immersive 360 stills and video behind the scenes


Drew Gardner