Future Evening Meetings

Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19 and Government's policies, the Institution of Civil Engineers is closed for all events until the 1st May – we therefore will not have a BTS meeting in April. The April BTSYM meeting will be streamed live. The BTS holds monthly evening meetings from September to June, generally on the third Thursday of the month. Unless otherwise stated, the meetings are at the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) with the lecture starting at 6pm. Additional meetings are arranged by the BTS Young Members, by regional groups and as joint meetings with other societies. Click on the calendar icon to place this meeting in your Outlook calendar and click on the download button for a copy of the flyer.


BTS December Meeting: Tideway Update

Andy Alder, Tideway Programme Director, will give an update on the Tideway Project, current progress and the approaches being used. This will be followed by presentations from those working at three of the numerous Tideway worksites. These will give an appreciation of the scale and range of tunnelling and civil engineering activities taking place, and explain some of the technical challenges that have been overcome.


Andy Alder, Programme Director, Tideway; Robbie Quinn, Barn Elms shaft and pipejack; Oscar Hueso Cuberos and Mikel Martinez Goirigolzarri, Hyperbaric TBM interventions; Shannon O’Keeffe, East Main Tunnel TBM delivery and launch

BTS January Meeting: Three Great Challenges: Experiences from TBM Tunnelling in Difficult Ground

When boring through the earth, even extensive Geotechnical Baseline Reports can miss fault lines, water inflows, squeezing ground, mixed face conditions, rock bursting and other geological challenges. That reality is compounded when tunnels are extremely long, in remote locations, or under high cover. In this lecture, Robbins’ President Lok Home will discuss three of the most challenging projects in recent memory: The 43.5 km long AMR Water Tunnel, the geologically diverse Sleemanabad Carrier Canal (both in India), and China’s Yin Han Ji Wei project in challenging rock bursting conditions.


Lok Home – President, The Robbins Company