BTS Specification for Tunnelling

The BTS Specification for Tunnelling has become the standard industry document for tunnelling contracts, and forms the basis of tunnelling specifications for projects throughout the world.

BTS Specification for tunnelling

The Specification for Tunnelling, published March 2010, may be purchased from Thomas Telford.

BTS Specification for Tunnelling Errata January 2012


BTS Specification Update Blog

The current edition of the BTS Specification was published in 2010, and we are just starting out on the process of updating this. Recognising that the BTS Specification for Tunnelling is widely used around the world, we are openng up consultation to all interested parties and individuals.

Consultation will make use of a Blog, which can be found at

A single clause will be published every weekday, and comments are invited on the day's clause. It is also possible to access earlier clauses in order to leave comments on these.

Please contact the Chair of the Tecnical Subcommittee if you have any queries.

The specification has been revised in this third edition to reflect current industry best practice and to take account of the many advances in the field of tunnelling which have occurred over the last decade.

Coverage of sprayed concrete has been expanded in recognition of its increased usage around the world and there are new sections on sprayed applied waterproof membranes and jacked box tunnelling.

All references to codes, standards and other design documents have been comprehensively updated.