BTS Hyperloop Challenge

The BTS Hyperloop Challenge Report is now available for download here.


Entrepreneurs are looking at transformative transport systems where vehicles travel between cities at extremely high speed in near-straight vacuum tubes. It is inevitable that the routes will require significant lengths of tunnel.

To deliver this vision would require a step-change in the tunnelling industry, achieving significantly higher tunnelling progress rates, and driving the unit cost of tunnelling down.

In 2019, The BTS, with funding from the ICE, commissioned LBA (London Bridge Associates) to investigate and define the challenges posed by such a future, and research how the UK tunnelling industry might best meet these challenges. The project involved a workshop of experts from the tunnelling industry and from a wider circle of thought leaders. The Technical Report here describes the project, the research, and the findings.

The project has also been published in a paper in the ICE Proceedings:

The hyperloop challenge for tunnelling: improving productivity and reducing costs. By B Grose