Tunnelling Association Nigeria


Representatives of Tunnelling Association Nigeria (TAN) are pictured meeting with the BTS Committee in November 2018.

During the formation of TAN, the president of the Association, Abidemi Agwor (third left) was studying and working in the UK, and he thanked the BTS and its members for their support during this period, which was crucial in forming the new Association and gaining entry into the ITA.

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, and Lagos the largest city in Nigeria is home to some 21 million people, a figure that is anticipated to double in the next 10 years, and yet, Nigeria has no tunnelling industry and no experienced tunnelling contractors.

TAN are working hard to raise the profile of tunnelling amongst governing bodies and lawmakers and are finding themselves pushing at open doors. Hydropower projects are planned to start soon and drainage, water supply, Metro and other schemes will follow.

The TAN Committee are striving to expand the activities of the Association and Abidemi appealed for any Nigerian tunnellers in the UK to get in touch via secretariat@tunnellingnigeria.org