Tim Brick, 1945–2016

Born in 1945 in Cork, Tim Brick graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from University College, Cork and, with opportunities in Africa opening up, he and his wife Maeve, whom he met at university, moved to Zambia where he worked for two years for an Irish firm of consultants on the design and supervision of municipal works schemes and impounding reservoirs.

This was followed by a six-year spell in Nigeria as Director of a consultancy firm working on projects relating to river basin developments, highways, integrated rural development and sanitary services.

1983 saw the start of his involvement in the Middle East. In Saudi Arabia he worked as project manager and construction supervisor on projects to build or upgrade major highways, the national electricity grid, airports, water conveyancing and drainage systems. From 1989 to 1991 he was in Libya, project managing and supervising on Phase 1 of the Great Man Made River project which ultimately brought fresh water 800km by pipeline from inland wells to coastal towns and cities.

Tim's engagement in projects in the Middle East alternated with work for the Dublin Corporation and it was to Dublin that he eventually returned for good. He was Deputy City Engineer and then Executive Manager for Dublin City Council, responsible for the direction and delivery of infrastructure developments, strategic policy formulation, planning and extensive media and communications engagements.

When Sean Wynne died suddenly in 2002, Tim took over the challenging role of running the Dublin Port Tunnel project at a difficult time when the public were struggling to see beyond the immediate inconvenience caused by a complex multi-million pound project and appreciate both the impressive engineering feat and the ultimate gain that the city would enjoy, namely the removal from the city roads of numerous trucks making their way daily from the port to the motorway. With his wide-ranging international experience, resolve, and ability to pull all the strands together and remain focused on the objective, Tim was the ideal person to steer the project to a successful conclusion. Following on from the port tunnel project he worked on the planning phases of the Metro North, LUAS Line BXD and DART Underground schemes.

Retiring in October 2010, Tim then served as Executive Director at The Irish Academy of Engineering up until his death. He is survived by Maeve, his wife of nearly 50 years, their children Lianne and Gavin and his sisters Olive Boland, Ursula Walsh and Rita Brick.