Evening Meetings

The BTS has a membership of almost 700 individual and over 60 corporate members. It is one of the most vibrant gatherings of professional tunnellers in the world.


Upgrading the Lep Tunnels in Cern & Alp Transit Tunnels, the 'Swiss Approach'

Martin Knights will give a presentation on the upgrading of the CERN scientific facility near Geneva. The presentation will cover the current civil engineering works for upgrading the existing LEP tunnels, known as the LHC with particular emphasis on work on package 3 which includes surface structures, tunnels, small caverns and shafts. Paul Hoyland will give the second presentation on Alp Transit Tunnels and describe in further detail the Lotschberg tunnel contracts of Steg and Raron. Particular emphasis will be given to the "Swiss Approach" to tunnelling including logistical operations supporting the main tunnel drives and the organisation of the site management.


Martin Knights, Brown and Root; Paul Hoyland, Balfour Beatty Major Projects

BTS & MIMM joint meeting. Mine Development - ultra-deep shafts and more

A number of case histories of recent major mining projects undertaken in Ireland, South Africa and Canada, including the world's deepest single lift shaft, will be reviewed. The talk will outline the projects and highlight specific areas of interest, including the design of a major underground crusher chamber, tunnel driving in extremely onerous conditions and the development of new systems to extend the depths to which ultra-deep shafts can be sunk. The future application of a new, innovative technique to 'image' ahead of the tunnel face, with particular application in cases of difficult ground conditions, will also be presented to illustrate the continued introduction of new technologies within the mining industry.


Mark A Kirkbride, Skanska Cementation Construction UK Ltd

This house believes that 'self certification is dangerous for tunnel construction'

This issue is critical to decide the direction the industry is going. The BTS committee requests your attendance, observations and vote.


Proposers for the motion: Martin Knights, Brown and Root; Seconder for the Motion Sir Alan Muir Wood. Against the Motion: Alan Myers, RLE and Andy Sindle, Morganest

Box Jacking the Histadrut Road brings Flood Relief to Haifa

The presentation covers an innovative solution to overcome flooding of residential areas and an Industrial Works Zone situated 8 km northeast of Haifa city centre. Flood studies identified the major cause of flooding to be the confluence of the Gedora Canal and the River Kishon upstream of the Histadrut Road Bridge. Connecting the canal to the river down stream of the bridge would alleviate flooding. The solution identified was construction of a single box jack tunnel to carry the canal under a heavily trafficked road without major disruption. The ground conditions were poor and ground freezing was used to overcome these and meet the zero road settlement criteria. The team successfully completed construction before the winter flooding deadline to cost and to the satisfaction of the client.


Danny Sherban, Yodfat Engineers; Rannia Gideon, Yodfat Engineers; Jack Knight, Charles Haswell & Peretz Bash, Yarah Engineering

AGM & "Copenhagen Metro -Tunnelling in an urban area with minimal environmental impact"

The presentation covers construction of Copenhagen Metro whilst meeting severe environmental minimum requirements in terms of settlement and disturbance. It then explains how this was addressed in the design and construction stages and in particular focuses on compensation grouting, soil stabilisation and monitoring. Finally the complex works required for the construction of the transfer tunnel linking the existing station to the new station are examined including the temporary works, monitoring and settlement control and ground freezing.


Anders Odgaad et al

The Harding Memorial Lecture

After 40 years in the tunnelling industry as a contractor, Colin MacKenzie reveals the secrets of modern day contracting 'Good Practice'. What has been learnt over the past decades of tunnelling construction is now being turned in to the everyday tools of the modern day tunnelling Industry. Partnering and safety are only two of the many topics that have come to prominence in today’s tunnelling environment. This lecture will 'Spill the Beans' on what makes up the best in today's contracting world.


Colin Mackenzie, Tunnel Consultant

Joint Code of Practice for the Procurement, Design and Construction of Tunnels and Underground Structures in the United Kingdom

As a result of some of the recent high profile problems within the industry, insurers have been increasingly concerned that tunnelling was becoming uninsurable in the market. A joint working party was formed between the BTS and ABI to produce a Code of Practice that would allow insurers to continue to offer cover. The meeting will commence with a presentation of the Joint Code of Practice from members of the working group and will then be followed by an open discussion of the Code.


MRT North East Line Singapore - Contract C704


Wolfgang Freitzsche, Managing Director, and Peter Chiappa, Area Manager, Asia Pacific Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG

The tunnels on the Taiwan High Speed Rail Project

The presentation covers the design and construction and progress of the 40km of tunnels on the 295km route of the Taiwan high speed rail project. The mined tunnels which are being constructed using NATM primary lining and cast-in-situ final lining. comprise some forty eight separate tunnels from 100m to 7360m long, with an excavated cross-section of 120 square metres. A number of the tunnels are below the water table in sedimentary gravels and soft rock, and all are in seismically active areas. The project as a whole is being built to a challenging timescale, and a number of key decisions were taken at the outset and during the implementation of the project to ensure that the tunnels will be delivered on time.


Peter Humphreys, Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation

BTS Lecture 'Competence in the Tunnelling Industry'

Some years ago it was recognised that we did not have a qualification system for our workforce although we knew the need for a skilled tunnellers. The NVQ for Tunnelling Operations was therefore developed in anticipation of the day when we would need to demonstrate competence. Bob Ibell, who has been involved in the Tunnelling NVQs from the outset, will explain the work that has been done to date, what the NVQ comprises, how it is achieved, why the Industry has rejected ‘Grandfather rights’ and what is currently in progress to qualify our workforce. Newcastle University and Edmund Nuttall Ltd have developed an integrated approach to train students in the principles of shaft sinking and tunnelling using actual tender and construction information. This is in response to our Industry’s needs, and the Institution of Civil Engineers who desire to see engineering taught in a holistic, multidisciplinary way. Design now covers the themes of conceptual design, economics, buildability, health and safety, as well as the discipline topics such as Geotechnical Engineering. The BTS sponsors Tunnelling Courses, but do these courses meet the needs of the Tunnelling Industry? Findings of the recent BTS Training and Education Questionnaire indicate that there is some way to go. The presentation will conclude with an overview of training opportunities for BTS members and others in the Tunnelling Industry, and examine how best the Industry can respond to the challenge.


Bob Ibell, London Bridge Associates; Prof Barry G. Clarke, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Newcastle; Dr Doug Allenby, Edmund Nuttall Ltd; Peter Jewell, Brown and Root

Severn Tunnel, 1950's. The history of the construction of the tunnel under the River Severn between England and Wales. And Victoria Line, 1960's. This covers the works for London Underground including 24-hour working

Severn Tunnel, 1950's. The history of the construction of the tunnel under the River Severn between England and Wales. And Victoria Line, 1960's. This covers the works for London Underground including 24-hour working


BTS has commissioned Robert Dewar, Huntley Film Archives Ltd