BTS Annual Dinner 2020

The 32nd Annual Dinner will be held on the 1st May 2020. The 31st Annual Dinner was held on 10th May 2019. A great evening was had by all and the BTS wishes to thank after-dinner speaker Mandy Hickson, prime sponsor Jacobs, and TunnelTalk for sponsoring the roving photographer. Photos of the evening can be purchased from TunnelTalk. Downloads relating to the dinner will remain on the website for reference.


The BTS Annual Dinner Flyer can be downloaded here.


Table Plan and Networking Guide

A copy of the table layout for 2019 and a who's where guide to help you find those friends you haven't seen since last year, can be downloaded here.


Attendee list

A copy of the names of attendees (where provided) can be downloaded here


Menu and Wine Ordering

Please click to download the menu which also has a link to the Brewery for ordering wine


Details of former annual dinners are available to view.

Photos of the latest BTS Annual Dinner can be viewed and purchased on the TunnelTalk website. In addition, photos going back to 2010 are still available to buy.