BTS at 50 Book

The BTS will be 50 in March 2021. To mark this event, the BTS proposes to publish a book.

The intention is that the main part of this book will be based on stories from the industry (the sort of stories that are told when tunnellers gather at the bar), with these arranged around some joining narrative and plenty of illustrations. We would like to gather suitable stories from across the whole of the UK tunnelling industry and not simply from BTS Members. Stories do not need to be limited to the UK or to the last 50 years, they just need to be interesting and/or informative - personal recollections of the highlights (or lowlights) of our careers in tunnelling. We very much hope that appropriate emphasis can given to the many larger than life characters in tunnelling.

For some sample stories, please click the Download link on the right.

If you would like to contribute to the book, have a friend or colleague who you would like to see contribute, are willing to contribute a few hours to producing the book, or are simply interested in finding out more about the proposal, please read on...



Are you able to provide some content?:

  • How change came about (and your involvement)
  • Good and bad days / projects
  • Project insights
  • Tunnelling characters
  • Funny tales
  • How times change (or stay the same)
  • Etc....

Stories may be informative, interesting, funny, etc..., but please, not libellous! Further details may be found in the attached document.

Please contact John Corcoran, either to volunteer a story or to suggest a storyteller. We would very much like to gather stories from the Miner, Pit Boss, Fitter, Surveyor, Inspector, Loco Driver, Supplier, etc... as well as the Engineer.


The Story Sausage

in order to give the editorial team sufficient time to turn the stories into a book for publication, stories should be submitted by the end of February 2020. We would therefore encourage you to write down and send in your story as soon as possible.

To encourage this, we are offering a free 'story sausage' to all those who submit a suitable story by the end of January 2020.

Submit, and you will receive a voucher for an additioanal sauasge to go with your sausage and chips on Thursday 13th Feb (whilst stocks last).

For a copy of the presentation shown at the BTS Decemebr meeting, please click the Download button on the right.



Do you have any suitable high quality photographs? These may be photographs of people, projects, or techniques to accomapny a particular story or may simply be an outstanding photograph you have. We are particularly keen to receive photographs of people.

If you are able to help in any way, please contact Sarah Langley


Pulling together stories written by many different authors, into a book that maintains a consistent style and is arranged in themes is going to be a significant challenge. Are you able to help with

  • Indexing stories
  • Researching facts or illustrations
  • Writing linking texts
  • Writing specific sections

Further detail of the roles that are currently available can be found in the attached document. We would greatly appreciate whatever level of committment you are able to give. Please contact Ken Spiby



We recognise that, even with most tasks undertaken by volunteers, producing a book will not be cheap. We would very much like to keep the purchase price as low as possible, and to allow for a free copy to be sent to all volunteers, and to certain educational establishments (though unfortunately, due to the number, not to all authors).

We are therefore requesting sponsorship from supporters. Corporate and individual sponsorship is available at a number of grades, with appropriate recognition wthin the book. The levels are:

  • Platinum - £7500
  • Gold - £5000
  • Silver - £2000
  • Bronze - £500
  • Individual - £100

For more information, please see the attached flyer (click 'download').

Payment is not required until summer 2020, but early payment is possible. To sponsor, please click here.

If you are able to help with sponsorship, please contact Anita Wu.


The BTS will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in March 2021. To mark this significant event, we intend to produce a celebratory book which will appeal to both past and present members.

If you have any queries, please contact Ken Spiby