Closed-face Tunnelling Machines and Ground Stability

A report produced in response to a number of incidents of ground instability and collapse that occurred on tunnelling projects in suburban and city centre environments on which closed-face tunnelling machines were used.The purpose of this report is to examine the potential for ground instability or collapse when using closed face tunnelling machines, to investigate the efficacy of various ground investigation techniques in urban areas, and to recommend management and operational guidelines to further minimise the risk when tunnelling beneath highly developed urban and city centre areas.


  • Technology of closed-face tunnelling machines
  • Choosing between earth pressure balance (EPB) and slurry tunnelling machines
  • Incident data
  • Hazards associated with urban tunnelling
  • Use of risk management
  • Review of site investigation methods
  • Tunnelling process - construction
  • The tunnelling process - monitoring, recording and reviewing

Readership: civil engineers, city planners and developers of sustainable public infrastructure.
Published November 2005. CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK