Tunnels database

The structure of the BTS database of tunnel projects is currently being updated to allow for the inclusion of additional relevant information on tunnel projects, to incorporate improved search facilities, and to allow projects to input their own information.

The database is currently unavailable as it is being refurbished.

The database currently covers some 200 UK tunnels constructed over the last 30 to 50 years across the whole spectrum of the industry from road, rail and metro tunnels to water, sewer and cable tunnels.

For each project, the available published information has been collated under:

  • Project name and tunnel use
  • Details of the organisations involved, the period of construction, tender value and form of Contract
  • Project details including diameters, lengths, geology, method of excavation, ground support,
  • Special features where relevant
  • A list of references for further research

The Society thanks the Institution of Civil Engineers for its contribution of a grant towards the setting up of the database and Rodney Craig for his diligent work in collecting and collating the original data.