Evening Meetings 2010

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Construction of Deep Shafts

The presentation will review the current situation with regard to deep shaft construction in the UK and worldwide. It will cover the geological and hydrogeological data requirements for designing deep shaft linings and the methods for their design will be discussed. Construction aspects such as excavation methods, ground stability control and water control methods and lining installation procedures will be described. To illustrate the presentation, examples of actual construction projects will be shown.


Alan Auld, Alan Auld Associates

Joint Meeting with MinSouth. Construction of Road Tunnels in the Hedinsfjardargong Project, Iceland

The speakers will present the history and highlight the main problems which were met during the planning and construction of the Hedinsfjardargong Project, which includes two road tunnels, 3.6km and 6.9km long. The project is located in the North of Iceland and during the construction of this Drill and Blast job the extreme conditions in respect of water inflows had to be dealt with. Experience with extensive chemical pregrouting in cold and high pressure water will be described. The Project completion is scheduled for September 2010.


Ermin Stehlik, Metrostave Project Director; Hreinn Haraldsson, Director General, Vegagerdin, Iceland (Icelandic Road Administration)

Gotthard Base Tunnel Project - Switzerland, Transco Sedrun

The Gotthard Base Tunnel is the longest rail tunnel worldwide. The presentation will show its significance for and location within the European rail network as well as its historic roots. The presentation includes information about the technical conditions (geology, programme) of the overall project. The central section (C360 Sedrun) of it will be visited in more detail describing the technical challenges of deep mountain tunnelling with up to 2000 meters of overburden through an 800m deep vertical shaft with regard to geology, logistics, operations, safety and its contractual framework.


Michael Gutzeit & Hans-Juergen Bartschat, Bilfinger Berger Ingenieurbau GmbH

Harding Lecture Development and Use of Closed Face Tunnelling Machines

The lecture will start with some tunnelling history, commencing with the introduction of tunnel shields leading on from Brunel's Thames Tunnel shield. The introduction of circular shields followed by the early tunnelling machines will be covered. The introduction of closed face tunnelling machines will commence from the time of John Bartlett's 1964 patent for the original Bentonite Tunnelling Machine and carry on through the rapid development of Slurry Machines in Europe and Japan. This will be followed by the introduction and development of Earth Pressure Balance Machines in Japan. Important details of closed face machines will be discussed, especially requirements for the proper control of ground movement. The lecture will finish with a look at some major projects where closed face TBMs have been used.


Dr Alistair Biggart

BTS Annual General Meeting, followed by West Ham Flood Alleviation Scheme

BTS Annual General Meeting, followed by West Ham Flood Alleviation Scheme


Steve Lousley, Thames Water; John Sweetnam, Aecom; Andrew Morgan, Costain; Tony Parsons, Costain

Atlantic Sea Tunnels in Norway

Road tunnels and bridges being built along Norway's western sea coast.


Prof. Eivind Grov, Vice President ITA, President Norwegian Tunnelling Society

BTS Young Members Meeting: Occupational Health in Tunnelling

Dr Donald Lamont will present to young engineers on occupational health hazards in tunnelling. The presentation will also identify occurrence, relevant legislation, ideas for risk mitigation measures and a brief history of some tunnelling-specific hazards and related HSE research.


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Tunnelling in Seattle - Past, Present and Future

How tunnels have been used in Seattle and why they are now starting to push the envelope in American tunnelling. The talk will look in detail at recent projects, particularly Brightwater, and at the planned 58ft diameter bore for the Alaskan Way viaduct replacement tunnel. Brightwater is a $2 billion new wastewater treatment system, which includes 14 miles of soft-ground bored tunnel. Currently under construction, the tunnels are being bored using 2 EPB and 2 slurry TBMs, and are notable for their long drives and high mining pressures.


Anthony Pooly Jacobs, Project Manager, Brightwater project

Symposium in honour of Sir Alan Muir Wood

Sir Alan Muir Wood, who died in 2009, was one of the most eminent Civil Engineers in recent times. He was a fellow of the Royal Society, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and a Past President of the Institution of Civil Engineers. He was a founder member of the British Tunnelling Society and the International Tunnelling Association. The British Tunnelling Society is holding a Symposium in his memory. The themes under discussion will be centered on Tunnelling, Coastal and Geotechnical Engineering with contributions on recent case histories of tunnelling and geotechnical interest, tunnel design, research advances in geotechnical engineering and the modelling of catastrophic coastal flooding.


Professor Robert Mair, Professor John Burland, Professor David Muir Wood, Robert Muir Wood, Andy Alder, Rodney Craig, Professor Paul Jowitt, Martin Knights, John Sharp, Colin Warren

Pittsburgh Northshore Connector

Light Rail Tunnels in mixed ground conditions with challenging vertical alignment. The tunnelling works for the North Shore Connector Project in Pittsburgh, USA, involved several engineering challenges. The construction included twin 6.5m ID bored tunnels, 660m long. This presentation will describe the engineering challenges associated with the tunnelling works.


Stephen Woodrow and Andy Miller, Faber Maunsell (AECOM); Marco Boscardin, Boscardin Consulting

Baggage Tunnel Design and Construction at Heathrow Airport

BAA, Mott MacDonald and Ferrovial Agroman have completed a vital link in Heathrow Airport's underground integrated transfer baggage system - a 2.1km tunnel running between Terminals 5, 3 and 1. The scale of the transfer baggage system is unique. When completed it will be the world's largest.


Andrew Stephenson, BAA; Enrique Blanco, Ferrovial; Arthur Darby, Mott Macdonald